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4 Point Inspection

A 4 Point Inspection is an inspection done for strictly insurance purposes.

This type of inspection requires the inspector to go over only the main 4 points of a home and strictly answer the questions of the form the insurance company wishes for the inspector to fill out. This consists of:

- Roof

- Plumbing

- Electrical

- Permits On The Home


After assessing these systems the inspector will give a pdf version of the report to be given to the insurance agent and the client so that the process can continue. In many cases it may be required to get this inspection to gain insurance depending on the age of your home.


When Is This Inspection Used?

Mainly it is used for when a home owner is purchasing a new home or a home that they don't know the ins and outs on and is in need of a licensed and trained professional in the industry to give them the facts. If purchasing a home using a home inspector is vital especially for their reporting. With a home inspection report the realtor and buyer themselves can use it to negotiate thousands of dollars off the purchase price, ask for things to get repaired, or lastly get closing costs to assist with the issues of the home. 


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